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The traditional way to use Hama Beads is by placing them one-by-one onto the pegs of a Hama Pegboard.

Move along the spool wire just a little bit and make another loop.

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I made these paper beads a while ago and dug them out the other day for my eldest son to play with.If you collect your materials from outdoors, make sure you know what is OK to take, and where it is legal to collect.Move twenty to twenty-five beads to within two inches of the crimp on the end of the wire.How to Make a Mala Beads Bracelet. by guest author Echo of Best-SilverJewelry.com. Many friends ask me how to make a mala beads bracelet.

These fun fabric beads can be as unique as you want them to be, and are a great solution for scrap pieces of fabric or paper.Make porcelain beads with your hands or make them with a mold.

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Choose bright and colorful paper if you want your beads to be bold and bright.Wooden beads can be glued to flat surfaces as table or bench legs.The width of the base will be the width of the bead, and the longer the triangle is, the fatter the bead will be.

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Hungry Caterpillar Bead and Pipe Cleaner Craft by A Mummy Too is so clever.Huge Selection Of Smooth and Faceted Semi Precious Gemstone Beads for Jewelry Making.While managing my home and kids, I craft, draw, write tutorials, and drink LOTS of coffee.Make them for any occasion, and customize the colors to match your tableware, just like I did.

Crafts for kids, Crafts for Teens, Quick and easy crafts. Bookmark.You most likely already have all of the supplies that you need on hand with the possible exception of glue.Once the triangles are cut, put a little glue at the tip of the triangle, and put a toothpick at the base.Beads can liven up tons of miniatures as accents and embellishments.Use them to reflect the summer sun, or to capture a little winter brightness.

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Once you have enough seed beads on your thread to make the band, thread your needle through one of the loops in the eye pin component and go back down through the beads to secure the band to the loop.Let these strung beads dry for about a week to cure completely, but make sure that you move them along the thread a couple of times a day to keep the holes open.Or think of other games that you might be able to make using the beads.

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Personalize jewelry even more with handmade beads designed by you.

I love to make rather large polymer clay beads but the bigger the bead, the heavier the weight, which is no good for jewelry.

How to Make a Round Paper Bead

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